Company Introduction

Phoenix Satellite Group

Phoenix Chinese TV Group is a Hong Kong-based television broadcaster, and launched its flagship Chinese Channel in 31 March 1996. The massive market of 1.3 billion viewers in mainland China, combined with successful expansion strategies, has enabled Phoenix to develop a comprehensive multi-channel platform. Phoenix broadcasts internationally, and can be seen in Southeast Asia, Australasia, Europe and the US. The Phoenix news service is almost compulsory viewing for Chinese who are interested in world trends, providing one of the best sources of international news available in Chinese. Its global coverage is much more comprehensive than that of any comparable Chinese language broadcaster. Today, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix movies, Phoenix InfoNews, Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel deliver content to audiences all over the world.

Phoenix has been rated as one of China’s 500 most valuable brands, announced by the World Brand Laboratory, one of the world’s leading brand evaluation organizations, in the world Brand summit since 2000.

Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Channel (PCNE)

As a bridge connecting Europe with the greater China Region, Phoenix Chinese News & Entertainment Channel (PCNE) brings to its European and African audience an uninterrupted stream of political and business information and a variety of entertainment programs through a wide distribution network. The channel broadcasts its Chinese programmes 24/7 via satellite transponder EutelSat to 91 countries and regions in Europe and Africa.

Phoenix CNE is also dedicated to promote closer economic partnerships and cultural exchanges between China and Europe, creates waves for Chinese enterprises and provinces in their efforts to open up new trade and investment opportunities in Europe.

Apart from serving the needs of the European and Africa Chinese communities, Phoenix CNE also offers a window of opportunity for investors to target the most affluent and educated European and African Chinese as well as for European and African companies to generate publicity as they charge into the China market.

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